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Need Belly Dance Entertainment?

We are unique, colorful, and always family-friendly. Have us perform or speak at your event!
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 Fredericksburg Bellydancers


Classes for Adults and Teens. Try a class ($15), or come meet us at one of our events!

Looking for the Virginia Belly Dance EVENTS Page? You can find seminars, shows, special events in town, or within driving distance of Fredericksburg. Send your event info to be listed too! See Events page for details.

The Class Schedule Page has my full list of local classes as well as online class options too

What makes my classes the best? Experience. 

Teaching weekly classes since 1988 has given me the insight and experience to help anyone learn to belly dance. My classes follow a professional structure like other dance studios, starting with a body-conditioning warmup that uses authentic belly dance steps and movements, followed by drills that help you develop dance skills. My passion is helping you to discover more ways to enjoy belly dance!

Classes include not only combinations; but tips on how to dance to the music; how to hear belly dance rhythms, improvise, and more.
Students who have studied elsewhere are delighted to learn these hidden secrets that make my classes unique!
Advanced classes feature fun props and balancing; and you can try your hand(s) at finger cymbals - also known as " zills".

You can take my local classes, or learn with my on-demand videos on YouTube; or get personal coaching via Skype or Google Hangout. Call me if you have any questions; I love helping people learn about belly dancing! 

Class Fees: info on Private lessons and Semi-private class fees
Read more about my belly dance background

        (Kawakib) 2007
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Love Finger Cymbals? See my famous Finger Cymbal Zill Solo on Serpentine Video's YouTube Channel. This was one of my performances featured on the "Lifting the Veil of Time" DVD.

Anthea Kawakib Finger Cymbal solo

Show the world you love this art form!
You've seen the unique tee shirts I wear in my instructional videos - get yours at Cafe Press: Belly Dance Tees.

Bellydance tee
        shirts great class wear! do it with cymbals tee shirt

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